First -dance

So, you’ve set the date and the wedding planning is in full swing but you’re now at the stage of choosing your first dance wedding song. For some couples this is the easiest part – that one song that’s ‘theirs’ - but for others it’s a minefield! If you’re the latter then fear not as today we’re sharing some tips for choosing the perfect first dance song.

Special Meaning

We’ll start off with a popular choice – the song that has a special meaning. Perhaps there’s a song that reminds you of the first time you met or a moment you both shared together; a memory from a holiday or maybe a song from the first year you both met. Some couples assume that the first dance song must be super emotional and romantic but let’s be honest there’s a good chance you’ll both be reduced to tears so choose something that has a personal meaning instead and save the bride a makeup re-touch. Trust us, you’ll thank us later!

Choose a song you can dance to

Ok so this might seem obvious but make sure you choose a song that you’re comfortable dancing to! If you’re planning a routine and want something you can boogie to then great, go ahead and choose something upbeat. However, if you’re on the other end of the spectrum and the thought of everyone’s eyes being on you fill you with dread (but you’d still like to keep up with the first dance tradition) then perhaps choose a slower song. It’s much easier to shuffle along without much effort! Remember the dress plays a huge part on – ahem – the bride’s ability to move so keep this in mind too!

If you’re stuck choose a classic 

Although a lot of the classics may seem clichéd, they do have their benefits. If you’re stuck and do love some of the classics then why not go for it? The chances are if you’ve loved a song for the past 10 years then you’re going to continue loving it for the next 10 years and many more! Who cares that you might share it with a few more couples?! Another tip of choosing a classic is that 99% of your wedding reception will know it so there’s a good chance they’ll be eager to join in. This is another bonus for those of you who hate the spotlight being on you!

Choose a song that fits your wedding theme

If you have a specific theme for your wedding then keep this in mind when choosing your first dance song. For example, if you’ve gone for an old Hollywood Glamour theme then an Indie Rock song might not be the best choice! This is also a good way to narrow down the endless options if you’re struggling to choose something.

Choose something fun 

If you’re throwing tradition out the window then why not choose something fun that will really get your guests in the party spirit! It’s becoming more and more popular for couples to choose fun songs and dance routines, some that even involve the whole bridal party! So, if you’re looking to do something wild and give your wedding guests a night to remember then this is a great option!


And that’s our top tips on how to choose a first dance song! Remember, these tips are only here to inspire you but when it comes to your wedding, what you say goes. There is no right or wrong way to do things and certainly no right or wrong first dance song so just have fun with it and choose the right song for both of you. If you’d like to read more wedding planning tips be sure to check out or other blog posts!