Autumn -bouqet

Choosing a wedding theme/colour can be tricky, especially when you’re trying to match everything up to the season in which you’re getting married. However, with so many different colour palettes to choose from you needn’t get stressed into thinking that your colour palette should be restricted depending on the season. With Autumn just around the corner we thought we’d share some of our favourite Autumn Wedding colour themes – some might surprise you.

Purple + Burgundy + Orange

We’ll get things started with probably one of the most popular Autumn wedding colour palettes – the deep berry tones and oranges. These tend to be the colours people most associate with Autumn and for obvious reason. The oranges remind us of the changing colours of the leaves and all those deep burgundy shades make us think of mulled wine and cosy evenings by the fire. It’s no surprise many people opt for these shades as they compliment each other extremely well and create a moody, intimate vibe.

Tangerine + Orange + Yellow

If deep reds and wine shades aren’t your thing but you want to lean towards a traditional Autumn colour theme, another way of keeping orange shades is to combine with tangerine and yellow. As this colour scheme can be quite overwhelming it’s best to opt for plain white backdrops and simple table settings but it’s definitely a theme that’s sure to wow your guests and is definitely a more modern take on orange wedding themes.

Wine + Peach + Sage

If you’re more of a pastel lover but still want an Autumn theme to come across in your décor, a great way to do this is to incorporate deep wine shades with peach and sage. This look is very shabby chic and works extremely well with natural woods and a rustic vibe but balanced out with some dramatic elements such as chandeliers and silver hardware such as candelabras.

Sage + Cream + Ivory

This colour palette is a good all rounder and again it’s great if you aren’t a fan of traditional Autumn shades. Incorporating more than one neutral alongside sage creates a woodland whimsical feel which again makes us think of Autumn. An important thing to remember with this colour palette though is that you want to ensure the rest of your details/venue is light and bright otherwise it may be difficult to pull off this soft, dreamy look.

Purple + Ruby + Fuschia 

This bright and fun colour combination is for those of you who love bold shades and can’t choose just one. The key here for bright and bold is to choose two or three colours similar in saturation. Your bridesmaids will be thrilled to choose their own shade of dress, not to mention your flower options will be almost unlimited! This colour palette is great for injecting a playful vibe to your theme.

And these are some of our favourite Autumn Wedding Colour themes! The most important thing to remember when choosing your wedding colour palette is to keep an open mind. Gone are the days of outdated seasonal colour rules. Choose a colour theme that you’re happy with and don’t be afraid to mix and match shades that you wouldn’t usually put together – you might just surprise yourself. If you’re not a fan of traditional Autumnal shades but love the season it’s also a great tip to pair your shades with seasonal flowers so that everything ties in. However, at the end of the day it’s your wedding so you make the rules. If you’d like to find out more of our Autumn Wedding Ideas then check out our latest blog post here and stay tuned for more Autumn inspired wedding blog posts coming soon.