Christmas -day -proposal

So, the festive season is almost here and you’ve decided that you’re going to propose on Christmas day.

But how will you do it?

Don’t worry. We’re here to help…


Ok technically this one is for Christmas Eve but so what! Imagine the scene; It’s Christmas Eve and you’re both decorating the Christmas tree. You’ve just finished doing the final touches and you ask your other half to get the star/fairy but as they go to get it from the box, staring up at them is a shiny box of their own. Of course, getting down onto one knee and hitting play on Mariah’s ‘All I Want For Christmas’ is also recommended but we’re sure you get the jist (cheesy works right?). Some other good Christmas tree proposal ideas are hanging the engagement ring on a piece of string from the Christmas tree, or placing the ring inside a clear glass bauble for the ultimate surprise on Christmas Day. 


If you’re the creative type then why not make your own advent calendar. Think tiny handmade cardboard boxes with the ultimate prize in the last box. If you aren’t very arty though fear not as plenty of department stores now sell pretty little advent calendars that you can fill with your own treats. Of course, this only works if your other half is the patient type and isn’t likely to delve into all 25 drawers before Christmas Day.


Now this is a bit tricky as of course it could go one of two ways. However, it’s win-win both ways really if you think about it. If your other half ends up with the ‘prize’ it’ll be just as special as you are winning and proposing. Be sure to include a little note popping the question inside the cracker too and of course be ready to drop to your knee when the moment comes Just imagine the surprise on your partners face when they’re stood holding a sparkling diamond ring and “will you marry me” note rather than a plastic whistle and ‘why did the penguin cross the road’ joke. 


If you like a bold gesture then Christmas lighting is the way to go. This one will take a bit of planning but it’s sure to go down a storm if planned well. With this one it’s probably easier to get some family or friends involved. If you usually visit yours or your partner’s parents on Christmas Day, ask them if you can decorate their roof with some fairy lights with that all-important question “will you marry me?” Imagine your partner’s face…this is definitely a proposal they won’t be expecting.


This is another great one to get all the family involved. All you’ll need is a minimum of 9 family members and 9 Christmas jumpers each with a letter spelling out “MERRY XMAS”. Take a few photos for show (make sure you and your partner are in the front row) and get those family members wearing letters ‘E’ and ‘A’ to quickly switch positions before the final photo – ‘X’ and ‘S’ should remove their jumpers. Make sure you’re keeping your other half busy whilst they do this and voila. Merry Xmas converts to “MARRY ME”. Clever huh?! This is another one that’s sure to wow your partner and what’s more the whole family can get involved and be in on the big surprise.


If you’re proposing on Christmas Day, chances are you and your other half love Winter and what could be more wintery and romantic than a lovely Winter walk in the snow. Of course, we can’t predict the weather but if it’s forecast to be snowing or frosty make sure you have the ring at the ready and head out to one of their favourite spots. Special brownie points to those of you who take some champagne and a couple of glasses to celebrate afterwards. Sometimes the simplest of gestures make for the most romantic.

And that’s some of our favourite Christmas Day proposal ideas. Hopefully these have inspired you for your own proposals this year. If you have travel on your mind for your Christmas proposal be sure to check out our latest post – ‘The Best Christmas Markets To Get Engaged 2017’. Trust us, if this post didn’t convince you to propose this Christmas then our other post definitely will.