Weddingfavours (1)

We’ve all been to a wedding and gone home with a little bag of sugared almonds haven’t we? And 9 times out 10 that cute little bag of almonds has sat on our mantel piece for a few weeks and eventually made its way to the bin. Of course, these little keep sakes are what makes a wedding day special and memorable but are we wasting our budget on things that our guests don’t actually want or need? Make forgotten wedding favours a thing of the past with our top DIY wedding favour ideas.

Homemade jam

Who doesn’t like homemade jam? Cook a large batch before dividing into sterilised mini jars and decorate with some gingham covered lids. Lastly finish everything off by attaching some customised tags with some string for the perfect rustic wedding favour.

Homemade baked treats

Sticking with the homemade theme, why not cook up a batch of mini cookies or marshmallows. Transfer into mason jars and finish off with some hand written labels. The key with homemade wedding favours is to make sure you’ve baked them in advance to avoid any last minute rush. The great thing about cookies is you can prepare your dough weeks in advance and pop into the freezer until you’re ready to bake!

Sweet jars

You don’t have to be a budding baker to get creative with sweet treats. Stop by your local wholesale sweets warehouse and pick up some of you and your partner’s favourite sweets. Tie up in chiffon bags with ribbon ties or transfer into mini jars (IKEA have some mini jars which come in sets of 3 and are the perfect size for wedding favours).

Make it seasonal

Having a winter wedding? Why not personalise some Christmas baubles with yours and your partner’s initials and your wedding date? Every winter, your guests will be reminded of your special day as they decorate their tree. Wooden baubles work best for this – Country Baskets always offer a fantastic range. For Spring weddings, fill some jars with Cadburys mini eggs. The perfect little snack for the journey home. We can assure you, your guests will be thanking you the next day. For Autumn weddings, make up a batch of toffee covered apples – who wouldn’t enjoy a second dessert after their dessert course?

Homemade candles in teacups

For a vintage themed wedding, why not scour local charity shops for some vintage tea cups – the more variety, the better! Follow this easy wax candle making blog post (here) before pouring into your vintage tea cups and allowing to set. Once the candle has been used up, your guests will be able to wash out and reuse their tea cups. Watch the surprise their faces when you declare to your guests that they’re handmade!

DIY succulent wedding favours

For those of you with a bit of a green finger, we love this succulent idea. Purchase some small succulents from your local supermarket before potting and decorating with name tags. These will also be able to double up as name settings. You’ll be able to get really creative with this one and can personalise, matching the different varieties of succulents to each of your guests. Gone are the days of the forgotten wedding favours, your guests are sure to have them in their homes for years to come!

We hope you found these ideas useful! Even more ideas are just an internet search away, you’re bound to find something to suit you!