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Your wedding day should be one of the happiest days of your life but when it comes to planning, things can all get a bit hectic. With same sex marriages now legal in Scotland, we’re seeing more and more LGBT weddings at the Dumfries Arms but there’s often some confusion as to the planning aspects involved so today we thought we’d share our top tips on planning an LGBT wedding!

Forget Tradition

The best tip we could probably give is to forget what you ‘think’ a wedding should look like! It’s your day so anything goes. Not sure who should walk up the aisle? Both of you can walk up the aisle if you want! Do it hand in hand, one after the other – it’s your day, so you can do whatever you wish. If you’d like a bouquet, or both of you would like a bouquet…why not? The more flowers the merrier we say!

Bridal parties are another area some couples tend to get caught up with – there’s no right or wrong way. You’d like a best woman or man of honour? The choice is yours!

Register Early

To get married in Scotland, you must firstly register. There is some paperwork to complete and you must book a place, date and time. This also applies if you would like to change an existing civil partnership into a marriage. If this is the case you can find more information on this here. Notice must be given ten to twelve weeks prior, and no later than 29 days. However, if left this late you run the risk of having to postpone your marriage so we advise booking your venue and submitting your notice as soon as possible!

Guest list & Book Venue

If you’ve booked the venue, then you should already have a good idea about guest numbers. There’s no point choosing the most beautiful space to have your special day only to find that it isn’t big enough and you’ll have to cut some of your guests from the list!

Think about a theme/colour scheme

After booking your venue and registering, now is the time to think about a theme. It’s easy to get caught up and head straight to the shops to choose an outfit but remember your theme/colour scheme may impact your chosen attire!

Review Budget and Start a checklist!

Now that you’ve registered, booked your venue, thought about your guests and your theme it’s time to review your budget and start a checklist! A checklist is your best friend when it comes to planning a wedding. There’s bound to be something that you’ll forget so sit down and start listing everything that needs to be done in order of priority. If you need help with this, check out our blogpost: ‘A Twelve Month Guide to Wedding Planning’

We're Here to Help

And that’s our top tips on planning an LGBT wedding! You’ll probably have noticed by now that there are NO differences when it comes to planning an LGBT wedding and that’s the point we wanted to make today! What matters is that you have a fantastic day that’s yours, shared with loved ones. We at the Dumfries Arms believe in individuality. If you’d like a traditional wedding, we’re here to cater for that. On the other hand, if you’d like to throw tradition out the window we’re here to help you do that too! It’s your day, so anything goes. If you’re thinking of booking your wedding at the Dumfries Arms, please give us a call to discuss any queries you might have. Our venue caters for both intimate and elaborate celebrations for up to 250 guests and we have a team of expert staff to help guide you through your arrangements and make your special days exactly as you want it to be.