Saying ‘I do’ is a serious thing – and a major lifetime commitment. However, just because you need to keep a straight face for your marriage vows, doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time for the rest of the day!

If you’d like to inject some personality, playfulness and joie de vivre into your big day, here’s some of the best fun wedding reception ideas to inspire you.

Fun Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

  1. Skip the guest-book. Forget about the traditional guest-book – there are loads of other creative ways your guests can leave their best wishes! Rent an oversized chalk board, get your guests to write messages, then have someone photograph them standing next to it. Alternatively, get a dictaphone or video camera and let your guests record their messages!
  2. Have a wedding raffle. This fun wedding reception idea is bound to make your guests chuckle. Create a wedding raffle, complete with prizes – and give your guests five complimentary free tickets instead of a wedding favour. A tombola also works really well.
  3. Encourage sneaky betting. All too often, guests place bets on how long the wedding speeches last for. Bring this sneaky gambling out into the open by asking one of your friends to be a ‘bookie’ – collecting bets from each table. It’s a guaranteed way to ensure everyone’s paying close attention to your speeches!
  4. Create a ‘lucky dip’ cake stand. Instead of having a traditional wedding cake, ask guests to bring their own homemade cakes, then place them all on a table and conceal them from view. Guests have to pick a number at random, then get to eat the corresponding cake!
  5. Make ‘get to know you’ questionnaires. If you’ve got lots of guests who don’t know one another, create fun questionnaires to lay out at each placemat. Your guests have to complete them, then hand their paper to someone else they don’t know. The more bizarre the questions, the better!
  6. Wedding treasure hunt. This fun wedding reception idea is perfect for grown-ups and children alike. Hide chocolates or other treats around the room, then at the end of the reception meal, tell your guests that they have to find them!
  7. Creative entertainment. Remember, your wedding entertainment doesn’t need to be limited to a disco in the evening. Hire a magician, or an improvisational poet to wow your guests with poems made up on the spot. A caricature artist is also sure to make people laugh.
  8. Hire a mini-bouncy castle. Not only will the children love it, but adults tend to enjoy having a bounce too (especially after a few glasses of wine)!
  9. Teach everyone a dance. If the thought of having a first dance breaks you out in a cold sweat, try teaching everyone a dance routine, then perform it together as a huge, communal first dance! Just make sure the routine is simple, and ask a friend to film it (as it’s sure to be hilarious).
  10. Pick suitable table-names. Looking for a wedding idea for your fun reception? Rather than settling on traditional table names, go to town with it! Name your tables after favourite cartoon characters, top films, places you love or your favourite songs.

Ideas for a Fun Wedding Reception – at a Top Venue

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