How many wedding favours have you received that you’ve actually wanted? They’re an integral part of the occasion, but worryingly easy to get wrong – which is why they’re seldom used much after the wedding is over.

Break the trend on your big day, and provide your guests with favours they’ll actually want to keep or use. Here’s some of the best wedding favour ideas around at the moment.

The Best Wedding Favour Ideas

  1. Personalised teabags or coffee beans. A little package, carefully wrapped up with details of your wedding printed on the front, is a wonderfully useable wedding favour. Plus, the surface area of the package means you can go to town on your personalisation.
  2. Tiny bottles of alcohol. Let’s be honest, there won’t be many guests at your wedding who won’t appreciate a small bottle of something quaffable. If you’re getting married in Scotland, then some local whiskey is an obvious choice – but of course, there’s no limit to what you can select – from summery Pimms and Limoncello, to decadent cream-based liqueurs. You could even pour some cocktail drinks into bottles as a fun favour for your guests; or let them mix their own at the table.
  3. Candles. If you’re having a ‘Victorian’ or ‘vintage’ themed wedding, candles in teacups make a wonderful wedding favour. If you prefer, you can order personalised candles, pre-printed with details of the big day.
  4. Donations to charity. Leave little notes next to each placemat, saying that instead of spending money on wedding favours, you’ve donated a small amount to charity instead. Your guests are guaranteed to love this thoughtful wedding favour idea.
  5. Seeds. If you’re having a summer wedding, you could leave small packs of flower-seeds for each guest. Alternatively, get some pretty seed paper – which when it’s planted, will grow!
  6. Flip-flops. You can guarantee that most of your female guests will be attending your event in heels – so make life easier for them by supplying some ‘dancing shoes’ as wedding favours. Your guests can also re-use them on their summer holidays.  
  7. Tiny notebooks. Little notebooks are always useful to have in your pocket or handbag – and a sweet handwritten note in each one will make them even more valuable to your guests.
  8. Chocolates. Chocolates are a perennially popular choice – and there are plenty of ways you can tailor them to your big day. For a personal touch, you can home-make your chocolates, then wrap them up in brown paper and ribbon. If you’re looking for a more formal wedding favour, find a company that will create your chocolates for you, complete with a personalised message on each one.
  9. Hangover kit. If you know your wedding is going to be fairy boozy, prepare your guests by offering them a mini hangover kit, complete with eye-mask, bottle of water and medicine!
  10. Small decoration. Buy your guests little decorations that are personal to you – such as dried flowers in glass if you’re a keen gardener, or a magnet depicting a cocktail if you’re having an elegant, urban wedding!

More Wedding Favour Ideas at The Dumfries Arms

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