Wedding -planning -budget

Looking to plan a wedding on a strict budget? You’ve come to the right place. There’s no denying weddings on a whole are expensive… but they don’t have to be. If you take your time and plan it wisely, you can stick to your budget and still have a beautiful wedding! Today we’re here to share five bits of advice to help you along the way.

Be Strict With Your Guest List

We’ve all been there when organising events…it’s easy to get carried away with the guest list. You start off with twenty close family and friends and before you know it you’ve added on an extra thirty guests who you don’t really know that well! This is a sure-fire way to eat up your budget so be strict with yourself and don’t feel obligated to invite guests.

The Wedding Dress

It’s every bride’s dream to find the perfect wedding dress…and we’re not saying you should settle for anything less. However, you can still find the perfect dress and be frugal at the same time! Before heading straight to your local bridal store do some research. Did you know that at the end of each season bridal boutiques and designers will do a sample sale? This means designers will sell ‘off the rack’ dresses at a hugely discounted price. Of course you might need to get some alterations done but the discount you’ll receive will be well worth it! Just be sure to do a thorough check before you buy anything and the best part? You get to take your dress home with you that very day!

Repurpose Your Wedding Flowers

Fresh flowers can be very costly so one of our best tips is to repurpose them! After the ceremony why not re-use the aisle flowers for your table centrepieces? It’s likely the guests won’t be sitting down straight away so that gives you plenty of time to distribute them onto the tables. What about your bridesmaids’ bouquets? Put them into vases and they can take them home with them at the end of the night! What are they going to do with them anyway? It’s little tips like this that can end up saving you a huge deal.

DIY the Extras

The little things really do add up and can often eat into your budget so why not try your hand at creating your own favours and table centre pieces? There are so many fantastic DIY articles online so why not get your friends and family involved and try out some ideas! In fact, we even have a couple of easy DIY wedding favour and DIY table centrepiece posts ourselves that won’t break the bank so make sure you check those out for some inspiration! And remember your guests will remember the atmosphere, the music, the food and the bar…not the custom made napkins that cost an extra £500 so try not to get too bogged down on the little details!

Ask Friends and Relatives to Gift Services

Our last tip is one of our best! If you have friends and family who have a particular skill which could help you out on your wedding day then don’t be scared to ask them for some help! Know a photographer or keen baker who could help with the wedding photographs or wedding cake? Ask them! You don’t have to ask them to gift their services for free but nine times out of ten they’ll be happy to offer their services to you as a wedding gift. Let’s be honest, choosing wedding gifts can be tricky so you’ll probably be doing them a favour anyway!


And that’s our top tips for planning a wedding on a budget! If we could give you one tip it would be to set a realistic and clear budget and stick to it. It’s very easy to get carried away so don’t stray off budget in one area because this can easily snowball! Remember to check out our posts on DIY table centrepieces and DIY wedding favours if you’re feeling crafty and for any other information on our venue please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any of your queries and have something to suit a range of budgets!