Do you think that your wedding cake has to be a traditional sponge, three-tiered masterpiece? Think again! Thankfully, wedding cake ideas have moved on considerably in recent years, allowing brides and grooms to get really inspirational with their culinary creations.

If you’d like a cake that stands out from the crowd, here’s some great ideas to help you.

The Best Wedding Cake Ideas

  1. Towering doughnuts! Who said you have to have a solid sponge cake? Buy some doughnuts, position them in a pyramid, then pour chocolate sauce and sprinkles down the sides. For a touch of added creativity, you could add real flowers and ribbon.
  2. Cupcakes. Cupcakes are a big favourite with people of all ages, and they allow almost limitless creativity. If you’re having a summer wedding, create a tower of pastel-coloured cupcakes, or alternatively, for a dramatic winter wedding, use monochromatic icing and black ribbon. 
  3. A true ‘cheese-cake’. If you’re not a fan of the sweet stuff, remember there’s no hard-and-fast rule that says sugar has to be involved. Purchase an extensive array of your favourite cheese, cut them into triangles, then arrange them on a three-tiered display. Add crackers, sprigs of herbs and flowers for the perfect finishing touch.
  4. Fondant fancy creation. Here’s a wonderful wedding cake idea. Create individual fondant fancies in a range of pretty pastel colours, then ice each one with a message. Add little royal icing shapes, such as hearts and flowers, for a really romantic effect.
  5. A variety mix. Let your guests pick their favourite cake by creating individual ones and stacking them up on a display. You could include apple pies, mince pies, chocolate cupcakes, macaroons… whatever you like.
  6. Brownie stack. If you want a taste of pure decadence at your wedding, here’s a great wedding cake idea – an opulent brownie stack! Drizzle with chocolate sauce and decorate with edible flowers to add a touch of real class.
  7. Biscuit display. For a quintessentially British effect, choose your favourite biscuits from the UK and create an impressive visual display. Drizzle them with icing sugar to give it a touch of class.
  8. Ice-cream ‘shop’. If you’re getting married in the summer, why not have an ice-cream shop instead? Offer your guests two or three tubs of ice-cream, plus an array of flakes, sprinkles and sauces – then let them rustle up their own dessert creations. This idea is particularly brilliant for weddings with lots of children present.
  9. Decorate your own cake. Again, if you’ve got kids coming to your wedding, they’ll love this activity! Supply some pre-baked cookies, then encourage kids to decorate them, using icing sugar, chocolate buttons and sprinkles. Just remember to bring aprons – their parents won’t thank you if they get chocolate all over their smart clothes!
  10. Fruit tart tower. Choose some seasonal fruits and create a custom-cake that suits the time of year to a tee. Strawberry and raspberry tarts are ideal for the summer.

More Wedding Cake Ideas at The Dumfries Arms

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