Your big day should be all about you. The most effective way to achieve this is to personalise your wedding as much as possible – but this is sometimes easier said than done! To help you plan the perfect day, tailored to your unique style, here’s some wedding ideas to give you inspiration.

Wedding Ideas – Your Reception

You’ve probably got your eyes on a venue already – and love the potential that the space offers. Here’s a few wedding ideas to help you make the most of the location, and get your creative juices flowing:

  • Have a cocktail hour. If you’ve booked a smart, modern venue, create an urban vibe with a cocktail hour! Ask your wedding coordinators to transform the bar areas into a cocktail area, complete with mixologist and plenty of drinks to choose from.
  • Midnight snacks. Here’s a wedding idea your guests will love. Rather than bringing out more food in the evening (which often doesn’t get eaten), create a ‘midnight snack’ zone, with crackers, cheeses, cured meats and biscuits. To give it even more personality, give your guests little bed-caps to wear as they nibble!
  • Go to town with the lighting. Lighting adds terrific atmosphere to your venue. Little fairy-lights draped above the tables create an ethereal effect, or alternatively, look for a net of lights that you can hang above the tables. In winter, little lamps on each table create a magical atmosphere.
  • Get the sparklers out. Want to make a grand entrance as husband and wife? Ask your venue to give the guests sparklers, then light them up as you walk into the room!
  • Unique canapes. Forget the prawn vol au vents and get creative with your canapes. If you’re having a laid-back wedding, popcorn and rustic crisps work well. Alternatively, if you’re going for a smarter theme, offer your guests some elegant Scottish smoked salmon wrapped around caviar!
  • Create an ice-cream stall. This idea works especially well if you’re having a summer wedding. Set up an ice-cream stall, complete with bunting and ice-cream menu on a chalkboard – then let guests add their own sprinkles, chocolate sauce and flake.
  • Make your flowers all about you. You can not only use your wedding flowers to match your theme, but personalise them to reflect your personality. Add sprigs of herbs or olive leaves for a more rustic feel, or even wrap something of sentimental value round your bridal bouquet handle – such as your mother’s bracelet or grandfather’s watch.
  • Create a ‘family tree’. If your loved ones are a big part of your special day, celebrate them by adding a ‘family tree’ to your venue. This could be a small fake tree, with photos of your relatives hanging on it, or a decal with pictures of them attached, plus notepaper for them to write messages on.

Your Wedding Ideas in Your Perfect Wedding Venue

When considering wedding ideas, it’s important to work with a venue that’s happy for you to have creative input – and who can come up with some creative ideas of their own. The Dumfries Arms have a team of wedding planners on hand, who will help you personalise your big day, and allow your creative ideas to shine. To find out more, call us on 01290 429 230.