Getting married is by far one of the most memorable days in a couples’ lifetime, yet if you ask any married couple they’re likely to tell you that it’s one of the quickest days of their lives! Whether it be to reaffirm love or commitment to one another or to celebrate a special wedding anniversary, it’s no surprise that many couples are now renewing wedding vows. Who wouldn’t want to relive one of the most special days in their life all over again?!

How and why do people renew their vows?

Many people renew their vows for a variety of different reasons. Perhaps you’d like to celebrate a special wedding anniversary or maybe you didn’t get to do everything you wanted the first time around and this time you get a second chance to throw a huge party! At the other end of the scale, often large events in couples’ lives can make them want to reaffirm their commitment to one another – perhaps an illness or major career change. Although many think a special wedding anniversary is the perfect time to renew your vows, there is no right or wrong answer – you should both do it whenever you feel that you both want to do it.

Decide on the type of celebration

One of the most important decisions you will have to make is whether you want a large or intimate affair. Perhaps if you’ve been married for 25 years, it will be the perfect opportunity to have a huge party to celebrate your love and the perfect chance to reconnect with friends you haven’t seen in a long time. Or maybe, small and intimate is more your thing with close friends and family. Either way, make sure you consider both options and choose what’s right for you. 

Stick to a budget

It’s easy to get carried away whilst planning so make sure you set a budget at the start and be sure to stick to it! Why not get some friends involved and split up your budget with different tasks – have fun along the way! Planning doesn’t have to be a chore, sometimes it’s the most fun part! Remember though, a vow renewal ceremony can cost just as much as the first wedding – perhaps more depending on how extravagant you want it to be so make sure you give a lot of thought to the type of celebration you want to have and set your budget accordingly.

Choose your attire

Just because you’ve already had a wedding ceremony doesn’t mean you can’t get dig out your old wedding dress or suit if it still fits. There are no rules when it comes to renewing your vows! Perhaps you’d like to avoid ‘all white’ on your second time around, in which case you could opt for a pretty cocktail dress in one of your wedding colours, a formal evening gown or a suit depending on your taste and the formality of your ceremony. You can choose to skip the veil if you want but as an alternative you could opt for a pretty fascinator or hat. A bouquet of flowers will also add another touch or perhaps you’d prefer a pin corsage to match your partner.

Who walks you down the aisle?

Again, there’s no rule. Why not have your children or even better, walk down the aisle hand in hand with your partner.

What happens during the vow renewal ceremony?

During the ceremony, you’ll recall upon what you first said when you got married. You might want to use your original vows or perhaps write new ones. This is the perfect opportunity for you to express how much your relationship means to one another, especially if it’s been a long time since you exchanged your actual wedding vows. You will have a lot more memories to reminisce over. After you’ve both spoken, you will exchange rings. These can be your original bands – perhaps with some new engraving to mark the date of your vow renewal. Or perhaps you’d like to upgrade on your original bands – this is the perfect opportunity! Throughout the ceremony, you can have family and friends read or play music which means something to you, just as you would at a wedding.

Legalities of renewing your marriage vows

Remember that renewing your wedding vows is not a legal ceremony so a licence or paperwork is generally not required. In fact, virtually anyone you’d like can officiate the ceremony – a close family member or friend, children or a clergy person.

Renewing your vows with us

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