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Whether you’ve just got engaged or have already started planning your wedding, chances are you may be looking to up your health and fitness. It’s natural to want to look and feel your best when the big day arrives. Although you might have started out thinking about diets to lose or gain some extra pounds and tone up, it’s more important to stay healthy (and sane!) as this will ultimately allow you to reach your goals. So today we’re here to share some fitness and wellness tips for you to follow.

Start early

The sooner you start thinking about your ultimate goals, the sooner you’ll be able to achieve them. This means you’ll be well on target when your wedding day arrives and there won’t be any last-minute panic. Write everything down so that you have a record to look back on and a way to track your progress.

Be Realistic

Setting a big fitness goal for your special day will help keep you motivated but it’s also important to be realistic with your targets. If you set unrealistic goals then you are only setting yourself up for frustration and failure. Not every bride is meant to look the same and be the same size or shape on their wedding day so keep this in mind and think about what is an attainable body shape/weight given the timescale. Once you have your goal in mind be prepared to put in the effort!

Track Your Progress

We all have bad days, weeks, months so it’s important to keep a record of your achievements as you go along. Not only is this a great way to see whether you’re reaching your targets but it’s a huge boost to look back on day one and compare it to where you are now, rather than feeling guilty about the takeaway you had at the weekend! This doesn’t just mean the numbers from the scales though, this should include everything from diet change, mood and energy changes. It’s also a good idea to keep a visual diary. Take photos of your body as you progress because remember that muscle takes up half the space of fat but it is dense therefore the scales may indicate that you haven’t lost much weight.

Get Others Involved

This isn’t a necessity but what better motivation than a friend or fiancé helping you along to smash your goals! If you’re in it together this is a great incentive to stay on track and give each other a boost when needed! Of course, your goals and exercise plans may be a great deal different but that doesn’t mean you can’t set daily or weekly workout dates! 

Aim for Balance

There’s no greater feeling than reaching your goals but let’s remember it’s good to stay sane and enjoy a good balance in the process. That means indulging in the occasional treat. Remember, everything in moderation. This is a much better way to stay in control rather than feeling like you’re depriving yourself of anything and it’s much more likely you’ll stay on target this way.

Be Positive 

Lastly, remember to stay positive. No matter what, you will look and feel amazing when your big day comes if you have the determination and desire to reach your goal. Any change is better than no change at all so keep this in mind.


And that’s our top 6 fitness and wellness tips for every bride to be! We hope you’ve found it helpful and stay tuned for more fitness tips coming soon to our blog.