Bride -groom -fun

When it comes to wedding planning many brides take on the role as the chief organiser. However, planning a wedding can be stressful and it’s very easy to get wrapped up in the madness so why not share the load with your significant other. After all it’s their wedding day too! Despite the groom’s many protests about not wanting to get involve, there’s some things they’re like to be interested in. OK, so maybe don’t give them the task of checking out whether peonies are in season - there’s a good chance they might not even know what a peony is, but we have a good feeling that they’ll be interested in the following: 

The Suits

Would you let the groom choose your wedding dress? Exactly. Leave the groom to sort out his and the groomsmen’s suits. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t take a genius to work out which colours match which, so don’t get involved until your opinion is needed on some of the final details. As we’ve discussed in our other post choosing a wedding suit takes time and consideration so leave your groom to work out which style suits him and his groomsmen, and use that extra time you’ve saved to consider which of your favourite flowers will be in season! 

The Food

OK, so the groom might not be interested in how many tiers of the wedding cake should be decorated with sugarpaste roses. He’s likely to be interested in the fact it costs £600 though so to sweeten the deal a little get him involved with the taste tests. In addition to trying out your body weight in wedding cake, vendors will also allow you to set a date to come along and try out what’s on offer on their menu. Choose a weekend where you and the groom can truly enjoy it – as well as having a second opinion – you’ll get your fill of your favourite foods and enjoy some quality time together, what’s not to love about that?!

The Venue

As one of the largest costs in a wedding, the venue is an important decision which you’re likely to spend a lot of time researching. This is something that most grooms are likely to be interested in – even if only for the cost factor alone! They may well leave the final decision up to the bride but it’s something that they should be involved in so make sure you get booked in for an appointment to view the venue as soon as possible. At Dumfries Arms, we work around you to suit your budget and can cater for both intimate and larger weddings so do get in touch if you have any queries.

The Music

This is an important task and one which your groom is more than likely to be interested in – it’s a party after all! And everyone knows that the music can make or break a party! Get the groom to check out some bands and make a playlist of some of his favourite music. It’s also good to have a ‘do not play’ list – not everyone wants to hear the Cha Cha Slide (then again, who knows, that might be on your playlist) Either way, it’s good to get a list started and then both come together and make the final decision.

The Honeymoon

As we’ve said many times planning a wedding can be chaotic so it’s good to know that at the end of all the madness you’ll both be able to enjoy a lovely honeymoon together. This is something that’s likely to excite the groom – who doesn’t love a holiday?! Whatsmore, it acts as a fantastic reward/incentive for him to help you make all those other important decisions…did someone mention peonies again?? 

And that’s some of our tips for getting the groom involved with wedding planning. Sharing some of the planning duties will help relieve some of the pressures and who knows, you might enjoy the process more! If you’re still looking for a venue be sure to check out Dumfries Arms and don’t hesitate to call us should you have any queries!